TENANT PROFİLE : Undergraduates/master students and people working at public/private sector.
ACCOMODATİON : You feel yourself at home with the cozy atmoshphere our premises are more comfortable and more secure if they are compared with public hostels.
SECURİTY PRİORİTY : We give priority secure atmosphere provided by our expert staff.
QUALİTY / RATE RATİO : We aim to participate into people’s standard of life by fixing our rates deliberatly cheaper than houses for rent but more expensive than public hostels.
SİNGLE ROOM PRİVİLEGE : Our target policy is offering individually private quarters to our tenants.

İMPORTANCE OF HYGENE : Cleaning and laundering are fullfilled
By us once a week tenants can launder and iron  their personal clothings whenever they wish thus we somehow contribute to the young’s personal improvement.
HEATİNG & HOT WATER : We give priority to warm , clean and neat atmosphere without taking no notice of utility expenses
WİRELESS İNTERNET : As internet has become a kind of lifestyle we’ve been supportive at progressing computing skills of youngs we stand out among our rivals by giving priority to contribute raising precious generation much more than raising our earnings.
Our yield is our healthy and well educated youngs You or one of your children maybe the privilege one.