Financial Aspects:

1. Rent of a such a flat will be minimum at 900 TL per month
2. Heating cost depend s on how the flat is heated if it’s heated by Natural gas it will cost aprox 300 tl per month in cased it’s heated by an Individiual central heating system it wil be more expensive ie. Heating cost Will amount aprox 3000 tl for winter season . Other heating systems and aplicances Such as stowes electrical aparatus neither will be sufficient nor will be safe
3. During renting process , there will be some handicaps to deal with. For instance to be obliged to pay a huge sum as deposit in advance.
4. Then you’ll have to furnish the flat you have rented. So you are going to spend at an avarage of 5000 tl for furnishing .
5. You’ll either spend minimum a 1000 tl on painting before you moving to. Otherwise you’ll Have the flat painted before you move out.
6. Utiliy expenses will amount minimum 300 tl per month
Other Aspects :
1. While undergraduates who have chosen at a hostel will not be dealing with house chores such as Cleaning and laundring fixing and maintenance as well. The others who have chosen to rent a flat are going to solve all theese time consuming , tiresome problems concerning daily life thus , they’ll have more limited time left to concentrate on studying
2. In case they pick out to live in a flat , they will be insecure on the contrary in a hostel , security insured
3. In case parents cant reach their children by phone , they’ll worry abouth them. At hostels , staffing charge will help desperate parents to contact their children.
4. The young prefered to rent flat somehow may be desperate or feel miserable may have some health problems ; but she or he will be on his own
5. In a seperate flat its difficult to take friends visits or calls under control thus the student will be distracted cant hardly find enough time to study this heavy visitor trafic will cause a deficit in her his budget.
6. The student’s daily routine (aspecialy their going in and out time) as checked and supervised by cameras and the staff at charge as well

İf you choose living in a public Hostel:
1. Public hostels are relatively cheaper than the private ones as they are subsidised by goverment. But they are very crowded and so control and supervising systems are insufficient
2. As the mentioned hostels are located remote districts, bus stations shopping mals , and downtown are at a distance.
3. As number of students staying at a public hostel is too many ,in case some of them personel problems , personnel in charge will fail to solve their problems one by one.